Exclusive Custom design Cutter / Texture Roller


Would you like to bring your own idea to life and but you don't have the 3D design skills or a 3D Printer? We design and print it for you❣️
With "Exclusive Custom Design" you will retain the ownership of the designs. We will not sell them on our website.

We have a large experience in 3D designing and 3D printing and have customized cutters and other tools for more than 10 years.

Please get in contact before purchasing to make sure your design and size are eligible. Once this is confirmed to you, you can just place your order and add any information that you would like us to take into account. You can send pictures or sketches by email to hey @ llamaskiss.com or through Etsy messages.
We will contact you in case we need more details.

Our rollers are around 2.75-3.9 in / 70-100 mm long and 0.78 - 1.18 in / 20-30 mm diameter, it depends on the design. If you would like a different size please send us a message.
Our cutters can be any size (up to a limit, just ask❣️)

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Unboxing by a happy client:

Hi! I'm Maria, a kindergarten teacher with an Engineering background.
I fell in love with polymer clay and now create earrings, cutters, texture rollers and other tools to allow you to create gorgeous jewellery with polymer clay so your items stand out from the crowd!

All your orders are uniquely designed by me to your liking, printed and shipped from Barcelona, Spain with ❤️ (Everything we sell is 100% eco friendly ♻️)

We're always happy to answer any questions, I will personally reply to each of your emails myself! You can get in touch on llamaskiss@gmail.com or reach us on instagram @llamas_kiss_clay

With love,


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